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Daily Quiz API access for app development

A Daily Quiz API is the ideal way for you to get up to date content delivered direct to your project. An API is an online hosted link with the content behind it. Your app or website would simply ping the API to retrieve content.

The Question Co have a huge database of content which can be delivered in JSON, XML and several other popular formats. These files can be hosted by yourself or under special arrangement by us. The JSON or XML can then be updated, added to or refreshed to ensure your app project has great, up-to-date content.

Trivia Formats

A Daily Quiz API is not restricted to just one form of trivia. At The Question Co we can provide many popular formats (like multiple choice, put them in order, who am I?, true or false or even just straight Q&A content). We can help structure the content to ensure you have the least amount of development work needed. If you have an existing structure we’re able to output to match that. Alternatively we can recommend an API stricture that works for our thousands of happy customers who use this service.

Daily Quiz API available at The Question Co

Free Quiz APIs

Be wary of free solutions as the quality of the content isn’t what your audience deserve. Most solutions are user contributed so contain spurious errors, Here at The Question Co our team pride themselves on the quality of trivia and our happy customers are testimony to that.

Daily Quiz API

In summary, The Question Co can help with your trivia needs. No matter the content, the delivery format is something we can assist with. Our team of engineers can tailor our powerful database to output to any daily quiz API format. Get in touch using the link below and one of our team can help.

Free Daily Quiz API access

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