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Looking for Free Trivia Questions – Quiz Database Content?

Are you looking for free trivia questions? If you have developed a quiz app or quiz website then you will now be looking for trivia content to populate the product. There are many options on the market and all customers ideally would like free content over paid content to keep their costs low.

We offer free trivia questions when customers order a lot of questions or when they need some test content. If you are at the start of your project, you will need content to test your app or website. We are happy to provide some sample content to test your app or website.

Free Open Source Trivia vs Licensing Database Quiz Content

There are a number of open source free trivia databases available on the internet. Free content is always appealing but there is always a downside. This content is either user-generated or potentially taken with permission from paid databases. This potentially causes publishers of apps and websites many problems, Firstly, if the content is incorrect, you will provide a poor user experience to your customers. If the content is stolen from a paid resource then you will be infringing copyright laws. If your product is successful then these issues will be a huge problem to your commercial success.

Paid database content offer website and app publishers a way to populate your product with quality content that is accurate and free of any copyright issues.

How Do We Charge For The Trivia Database?

We charge a license fee for question content from our database. There are different pricing options depending on the length of license you require and how many questions you need. We work with leading publishers such as Microsoft and Playtech and also start ups.

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