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Millennial & Gen Z Trivia Pack

Multiple Choice Questions

Are you looking to engage Millennial & Gen Z users to your trivia app or website? If so, you need content that provides value and enjoyment.

We have created 5,000 brand new questions specifically targeted to Millennial & Gen Z user groups. All content is professionally written and comes with a category, sub category and difficulty rating.

Millennial & Gen Z Trivia Pack Questions

Cyrptocurrency Trivia

One of the most requested categories from trivia companies targeting Millennial & Gen Z audience. This category contains quizzes on currencies and NFTs and much more.

Reality TV Trivia

The Millennial & Gen Z audience are the biggest consumers of reality TV and this category will provide good value to this audience. Its contains all the latest and most popular reality TV shows.

Internet / Tik Tok Trends

The Millennial & Gen Z audience are addicted to Tik Tok and the internet trends that are popular on this platform. This trivia pack contains the iconic trends and also the ones that made the biggest splash in 2022.

Technology Trivia

The Millennial & Gen Z audience are addicted to technology from phones to laptops and much more. This trivia pack contains all the tech that appeals to this group including electric cars and green tech.

Fads Trivia

Current fads and historical fads are very much part of the Millennial & Gen Z culture. This pack contains the iconic fads and the most recent from 2022.

Foodie Trivia

The Millennial & Gen Z audience love food, eating out and creating food from Tik Tok influencer recommendations. This trivia pack contains it all.

And Much More…

5,000 Questions: Millennial & Gen Z Trivia Pack

All questions in our database contain a Category, Sub Category and Difficulty Tag. Content is fully verified and available in the following formats.


Millennial & Gen Z Quiz Pack

5000 Question Bundle