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Quiz DB – Licensing Trivia Content For Your App or Website.

When you are developing your trivia website or app you will need to find a source for the trivia content. There are many options for quiz db content, ranging from free open source content through to high quality trivia from established companies. It is important that you make the right choice for your product.

We supply the leading tech companies in the world with trivia questions. They use us because we guarantee the accuracy of the questions and ensure that they fit their brand well. Companies such as Gameloft, Google and Trivial Pursuit need 100% accuracy and that is why they use us.

All content in our quiz db is fully fact checked by a team of professional QA staff. In addition, our database is constantly being updated to ensure that questions do not expire.

The Challenges Of An Open Source Quiz DB

Developers usually look for free content initially to keep the cost of development of launch of their product low. However, the problem is the content is user generated, so there will be errors and potential legal and copyright issues within the content. If you have to QA all the content from the open source database then this will be very time consuming. Essentially, if you are building a website for friends then this content is fine but if you are looking to make a commercial site or app then it is best avoided.

How Can We Help With Your Quiz Requirements?

We have over 400,000 high quality trivia questions that you are able to license today. All content comes with a difficulty rating, a category and a sub category. We are able to deliver the content in jSON, XML or CSV formats. A list of all our quiz categories can be found by clicking here.


Let us know your quiz requirements using the form here and one of our friendly and knowledgeable support team can email you a quote.

Alternatively you can use the details on our contact us page if you have any questions or would like to schedule a call to discuss your project.

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