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Growing Your Trivia Business – Test Question Bank

Once you have taken the step to start your trivia business you will need a sample test question bank to build your project. As any developer will tell you, you need sample data to test any product. This article outlines your options to finding sample content to test your quiz app or website.

Write a test question bank yourself

This is always the first option. In theory it is free and easy to do. The challenge is that it is time consuming and not as easy as it looks. It will take you over 10 working days to write 1000 test questions. This is a lot of time and more importantly you may not be a writer. This options should be avoided as you time will be better spent building, testing and marketing your product.

Use open source trivia

This is another option that is free. There are various websites that offer open source content. But there are several issues. Firstly, the content will not be divided into categories which is an issue in any trivia game. Secondly, the content will have errors so you wont be able to use in the released product without you editing them. Lastly, the content will have copyright issues.

Engage a trivia licensing company

This is your best option. You can instantly access high quality trivia content to test your product. We have over 300,000 high quality trivia questions that are ready now to use in your product. We work with many leading companies such as HouseParty and also lots of start up companies. Take a look at our topic list to see which will work for your trivia app or website.

We wish you the best of luck with your trivia project. We work with 1000’s of app publishers and website owners who make strong revenues from trivia content. Please getting touch to discuss your project.