The Return of The Premier League & Football Trivia

By August 13, 2013 March 16th, 2020 Question Writing
The beautiful game.
It’s all kicking off again with the start of the new football season on August 17 and the Premier League is primed for a really good one. With van Persie at Manchester United on great form and highest scorer last season at 26, three ahead of Suarez at Liverpool, the red devils are probably in a strong position to maintain Sir Alex’s legacy. But as David Moyes will be contending with Jose Mourinho back at Chelsea, just two places behind, and new face Manuel Pelligrini brought in to calm Manchester City in the number two slot, there are no certainties.
In terms of key football questions fans want answered, as ever it’s the big stuff exercising armchair experts. Who’s going to get overall goal supremacy, which star players will be sold this season (will Wayne Rooney get to put on the Chelsea strip?) and just how will the league table end up.
A Question of Sport (QOS) is one place to test out your footie knowledge. The BBC team who buy the football questions and trivia and set their quizzes are naturally at the top of their game. If you wanted to create your own football quiz, you could do worse than puzzling over some of their posers before you buy your own football questions. So who’s the only player to have won the Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup, plus the UEFA Cup and Champions title? The three possible names you’re offered by QOS are Didier Drogba, Michael Owen and Paulo Ferreira. In fact, it’s not the talented Drogba (whom Mourinho described as “out of this world” after a contentious match in March) or hardworking Owen, it’s retired Portuguese player Mr Ferreira who scooped the trophies while playing for Chelsea and his country.
The sticker collecting fraternity also buy football trivia questions along with the albums. These normally focus on team player questions but there are usually one or two left field quizzers, for example what was the thinking behind the Football League Cup games in the 1960-61 season? The answer, as all John Motson wannabes would know, is that they were instigated to help clubs make more money from their investment in floodlights, since all the matches – including the finals – were played midweek and in the evening.
If you wanted to buy the perfect football trivia question, what about something on the great Motty himself. So what job did his father do? The clue’s in John Motson’s near religious attachment to the beautiful game. And the answer? – Mr Motson senior was a Methodist minister.
The Question Co have a huge library of football quiz questions and football trivia questions available for license