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Trivia Database Questions

The largest trivia database in the world

We are the largest trivia database in the world. We supply the leading digital publishers including Microsoft, Google, Gameloft and Playtech with trivia quiz content. Our database contains over 300,000 high quality trivia questions. All questions come with a category and sub category tags. We also supply a difficulty rating for each question. Our content is perfect for any trivia project including apps, websites, board games and pub quizzes. We can supply high quality trivia database questions at a price that works for you.

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Buy Trivia Questions – why it increases your revenue

Are you looking to buy trivia questions? If you are building an app or a website and looking for increased engagement then trivia is a perfect way to do this. Trivia questions increase dwell time in apps and on websites. This improves your advertising revenue. Once you are ready to integrate a trivia database into your project then you will be looking for how to acquire the trivia content.

Before you buy trivia questions,  you need to decide your audience. It is key to tailor the quiz questions on your website to the audience you are targeting. You should think about age, geographic locations and interests. We are able to supply trivia database questions for any audience.

Quiz Database Categories

The key to creating a good trivia website or app is to have content that your audience wants, our database contains over 500 categories that you can choose from. click here to view categories. The Question Co have also invested heavily in new content for 2022 ensuring your audience has access to the freshest content. Take a look at our all new 2022 Trivia Database Questions.

Trivia Database Question Types

The Question Co Trivia Database contains the most popular trivia types. These include the following mobile ready quiz types.

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions:
All multiple choice trivia comes with one correct and three incorrect answers. This is the most popular question type for quiz apps and trivia websites.

Put Them In Order Questions:
This trivia genre is evergreen and is very popular with mobile app developers. Click here to find out more

IQ & Brain Training Puzzles:
This trivia content includes an image asset, a question and multiple choice trivia. Click here to find out more

Multiple Choice Image Questions
Image content often improves users dwell time in mobile apps and websites. All content contains a question and four answer and an image asset. Click here to find out more

Question & Answer Quiz Questions
All content comes with a simple question and answer.

True or False Trivia Database
This content is popular with print publishers and digital publishers alike. All content comes with a question, a correct and incorrect answer.

Trivia API and Quiz Question Formats

We supply our quiz database content in any format that you or your developers require. The most common formats are outlined below.

If your development team have a specific structure of jSON or XML that they require then we can also accommodate this.

Trivia Questions in jSON format

jSON is the most popular format for trivia app and websites. We have a standard jSON structure for trivia quizzes. We are also able to work with custom structures if required. Get in touch with our sales team to find out how we can help with your project today.

Trivia Questions in XML format

Quiz questions in XML format are also very popular for digital quiz projects. We have a standard XML format for our trivia questions. We can also create custom structures to suit your trivia app or website.

Quiz Questions in Excel, CSV or Word

Quiz questions in Excel, CSV and word are perfect for digital or physical trivia projects. We can deliver the question content in any format you require to suit your requirements. Trivia Database Questions for board games usually require the content in Excel format as the quizzes will need to be laid out in artwork prior to printing.

How we charge for trivia database questions

We license our trivia database to publishers and charge a license fee per question. The cost depends on the volume of questions ordered, length of the license and whether you need a custom delivery format. We work to most budgets and are happy to accommodate start up companies.

The Question Co supplies trivia questions to large digital media giants such as TikTok through to start up companies. We have a pricing structure to suit all needs.

We provide custom trivia questions

There are a variety of reasons why clients require custom trivia content for their quiz product.

i) Exclusivity – larger digital publishers often require exclusive content as they want to ensure maximum engagement from their users. In addition, they want to be certain the trivia questions have not appeared in a rival game or product.

ii) Content Requirements – often brands need certain content requirements that are not possible when licensing from a trivia database. For example, an American brand might not want any content that is about a celebrity that has had a controversial incident. Trivia databases have no “controversial” tag so it is impossible to exclude this content in a delivery. Therefore there is no option but to commission custom content. The other reason maybe that the brand requires a strict character count due to the user interface of the digital product.

iii) Ownership – many brands want to completely future proof any content that is included in their product. This means they need to commission custom content and the full title rights of the Intellectual Property are transferred to the brand on payment.

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