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Looking for Trivia For Apps?

If you are looking for trivia for apps then this article will explore the various options. Trivia apps are one of the most popular genres on the App Store. There have been many successful trivia apps throughout the history of the App Store. QuizUp, Trivia HQ and Trivia Crack are the best known. All of these companies are our clients. We have also worked with some of the biggest trivia brands in the world such as Trivial Pursuit and The Chase.

How to pick quiz database for your trivia app?

There are many considerations in picking a trivia database supplier for your app. The first, is whether the content owner is experienced and has a high quality database. The second, is whether the content supplier can provide the trivia in a format you need. Lastly, you need to be sure they have enough quality trivia for any updates you will release for your trivia app.

Why our database is best for any trivia app

Our trivia database content contains 350,000 questions. Each questions comes with a category tag, a sub category tag and a difficulty level. This means that we have the scale to work with highly successful apps. In addition, we are able to supply trivia content in XLM, jSON or CSV formats. All of our content has been written by a large team of professional writers and is checked for accuracy and spelling errors. We have experience of working with the leading digital brands and many start ups.

What categories are most popular for Trivia Apps?

The most popular categories for trivia apps are entertainment, lifestyle, sport and spelling questions. These categories work for a broad audience and ensure that your app users stay in the app for longer. We are able to offer samples of each categories before you buy the trivia.

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