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Our question database contains over 500,000 trivia questions, across 1000+ categories and sub topics all available as quiz packs. We have licensed over 10 million questions to thousands of publishers over the last 5 years giving us a unique insight into what type of trivia works best to engage audiences.

Using this insight we have curated 10 quiz packs that are ready to go and can power your trivia product today.

Fact Checked
Grammar Checked

Multiple Question Formats
Text Questions or Image Questions

Available in .CSV .XLS, jSON, XLM
Instant Delivery

Quiz Packs

All our trivia packs contain high quality, engaging trivia content that will delight your audience.

General Knowledge (10,000 q’s)

Multiple Choice
Equal Split of Easy, Medium & Hard

Number of Answers

Content can be taken as straight Q&A or choose between 2, 3, or 4 multiple choice answers.

Character Limits

Our content is written with character limits in mind for both questions and answers. Let us know your limit and we can export accordingly.

50:50 Elimination

We have tagged the most appropriate answers to eliminate if requiring a 50:50 option.

Translation Service

Our database is in English but can be cost effectively translated to most languages.

Delivery Formats

Content can be output to a variety of formats including Excel, Word, XML or JSON.


Often because of our client base people assume we will be expensive, but as we have a large existing database we can offer fantastic deals on non-topical trivia suitable for everything from weekly pub quizzes to trivia for websites, mobile applications or board games.