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Trivia Subscription Service

Trivia Subscription Service is an ideal solution for your trivia website or app. One of the challenges of building a quiz platform is the need for new question content. You are likely to have tried writing the questions yourself but this is hard and time consuming. This article outlines your options to scale your trivia quiz project.

Trivia Subscription Service

Why is writing trivia so hard?

Writing trivia yourself is very time consuming. It seems easy but it very hard to get right. Your website visitors are coming for the trivia content so you need to ensure it is good. Accuracy is also hard to achieve. In addition, you need to ensure your question content is consistent in writing style. You are better off spending your time marketing your website or app.

What question format do I need?

You need to talk to your developers to understand which format they need the questions in to work with your project. The most common formats are XML, jSON and CVS formats. This link will help understand which is the best format for you. Click here to learn more. Once you know the format you are ready to start looking for a good supplier for your trivia.

We provide a trivia subscription service

We provide 100s of companies with trivia content on a subscription service. We have over 300,000 questions that are ready to be implemented into your trivia project. We can provide over 200 trivia topics. Click here to see example trivia questions. We cater for all budgets so can help with your project. We work with large companies like Gameloft and smaller start ups.

If you are looking for trivia then we are a good partner. We have been in business for over 10 years.

Get in touch if you are looking for trivia questions.