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2022 Trivia Database

We have launched the all new 2022 Trivia Database with the freshest quiz content. This new quiz database contains over 50,000 new questions, created specifically for your demographic. All content in the 2022 trivia database contains a tag for category, sub category and difficulty.

If you are looking to update your trivia product or launching a new quiz app then get in touch to find out how we can help power your product today.

Take a look at the highlights of our 2022 database get in touch for pricing.

50,000 new trivia questions
Multiple choice trivia questions
All questions include category & difficulty rating tag
Content delivered in XLS, CSV, jSON or XML formats

Fresh Trivia Content for 2022

Celeb Quizzes

Red carpet moments & reality stars

Music Trivia

Biggest hits from ’21 & ’22

Movie Trivia

Blockbusters, Netflix hits & The Oscars

Sports Trivia

US biggest sports, Champions League & more

Apps & Console Games

Biggest Console & App releases

Lifestyle Quizzes

Food, fitness and festivals

Gambling Trivia

Online gaming & poker

Brain Teaser Puzzles

Latest brain teaser puzzles

Decades Trivia

Trivia to test your knowledge

UK Specific Trivia

UK sport, news stories & celebs

Japan Specific Quizzes

Japanese food & culture

Indian Trivia

Bollywood, TV & News from India

And lots more…

2022 Trivia Database

Includes Category, Sub Category ad Difficulty Tags

In order to create a successful trivia product you need to continually update the content to keep your audience engaged. Attracting new users to your product is always at the forefront of developer & publishers minds but often the hardest tasks is retaining users. The Question Co has invested to create 50,000 new trivia questions, developed specifically for digital quiz products and ready to be included in your product today.

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