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Types Of Trivia For Sale

Whether your looking for straight Question and Answer or the more popular Multiple Choice, we have all the major quiz types in our ever-growing database. Get in touch if you don’t see the kind you’re after as it may be something we have but don’t list, if not we can write to any brief in a cost-effective way.

Trivia Questions Bank

The Question Co has licensed over 10 million questions to publishers over the years and have priority data on which trivia categories and types work best with particular audiences. Below is a summary of the trivia types to consider.

Multiple Choice:

This is the most popular trivia genre in our database and with good reason. The trivia genre lends itself to quick play and is inclusive as all players believe they can answer any question. Multiple Choice questions typically work best in mobile apps.

Put Them In Order:

This trivia genre works very well on web based products. Web publishers are typically looking to increase users dwell time on pages to serve adverts. Put Them In Order trivia takes a little longer for the user to consider and answer the questions, increasing the time spent in your product. Click here to find out more

IQ & Brain Training

There have been many studies about the benefits of brain training and publishers often use this content to encourage repeat visits their trivia product. This trivia is a mix of text only and image + text questions. Click here to find out more

Image Questions

This question genre is very popular across all mediums. Image content lends itself to premium products and popular topics include celebrity, sport and lifestyle trivia. Click here to find out more

Most Popular Trivia Types

Multiple Choice

Question & Answer

True or False

Put Them In Order

Find out More

Get In Touch

Who Am I?

Math Puzzles

IQ or Brain Training


No matter what trivia type you need we can deliver the content in almost any format. Popular formats include .CSV, XML, jSON or XML. Whatever the trivia type or category you require, we will have it in our database so get in touch and let one of our experts talk you through the process.

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