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About Us

What We Do

Our core business started with writing trivia for the UK entertainment industry and we now specialise in this area but for a global audience. As the platforms by which this content is delivered have changed we have adapted the types and genres of trivia we write. We are happy to work as closely or as remotely as is needed to ensure our clients get what they need. We are happy to sell pre-written trivia at bargain prices or hand craft for a specific need. 

Our Approach

Most people don’t realise it, but writing good trivia is quite complicated! Understanding the target market of who you are aiming the content at, or indeed keeping it broad enough to appeal, requires a careful balance. Here at The Question Company we work closely with clients and individuals to provide questions, puzzles and copywriting of the highest standard that will entertain and even inform your viewers, readers and players.

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Our Story

The Question Company supply quality quiz question content to some of the leading brands and entertainment houses.

Our specially created question content has been used by brands like Mastermind, A Question Of Sport, Bullseye and more. Check out our portfolio for a look at some of the products we’ve been featured in.

We don’t just work for big companies, we have a range of games developers and corporate clients as well as landlords and pub quiz hosts who use our services for cost effective content creation. We always prioritise taking the time to understand the products, shows or briefs that we are writing for, this ensures each of our clients get the best possible quiz content for the budgets they can afford.

We have a vast database of questions broken down by subject area and difficulty level and can work to any particular delivery format. We can also supply pre-rights-cleared images for use in picture questions should this be needed.

If you are looking to buy quiz questions or trivia questions then please get in touch.

Core Industries We Serve

Trivia for Mobile Apps

This is The Question Co’s core market with vast experience in delivering content tailored to mobile and the web, often via an XML feed. We understand how content works in this space and can help you make your quiz app or website full of engaging trivia content that is tailored to the screen real estate you are publishing on. We supply some the leading mobile app publishers in the world, including Plain Vanilla (Quiz Up) and Colopl (Quiz RPG).

Trivia for TV Shows

The Question Co has supplied question content to TV broadcasters around the world including the BBC, ITV and Discovery. In 2014, The Question Co was commissioned to deliver content for the hit ITV show The Chase.

Trivia for Book Publishers

The Question Co works with leading publishers to deliver quiz content for books and magazine publishers.

Trivia for Board Games

The Question Co works with board game publishers to deliver question content that will not date. Unlike digital products, it is essential the quiz content in printed format is timeless.

Our Process

Understanding The Brief

We’re used to working to tight deadlines but we always take the time to understand the brief so that you receive the right type of content. Let us know who you’re target audience is, what topics you want to cover, how many and what difficulty of trivia and most importantly what type, be it straight question and answer, multiple choice (with a variety of incorrect answers) or more complex trivia.

Database or Custom Written

We have a very large existing database of questions which is updated regularly to stay relevant and covers most topics. From Showbiz, Sport and History to Geography, Nature and beyond, if we don’t have it or you want something even more targeted then our team of researchers and question writers will hand craft new trivia. We always provide a sample on request so that you can assess the type and quality of questions, thus ensuring that you’ll be happy with your final delivery.

Pricing & Delivery

Depending on the timelines, deliverables required and of course the type of trivia needed, our prices vary so please get in touch or fill out one of our Question Brief forms and we’ll work with you to find the budget that most suits your needs. We can deliver in a variety of formats including Excel, XML, JSON and more.

Our Pricing

 Use our request form or get in touch to discuss your project requirements further for an accurate quote.