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Trivia Question Formats

Which one is right for you?

Looking for trivia question formats?

You have built your website or app and looking to target and audience that wants to play trivia. Trivia is one of the best ways to engage your audience and drive advertising revenue. Trivia questions increase website and app dwell time and offer a chance to market to your audience.

Are your developers in-house or outsourced?

If you have built your app or website in-house you have probably been involved in the trivia questions format. If not, then you may have to accept the format your outsourced team wants. The format is important as will decide how scaleable your project is. Outsourcing your developers saves cost but also takes away some decisions. Smaller companies typically outsource while bigger companies tend to make projects in house. Click here to read more on this topic.

Available Formats

The usual formats that trivia questions are typically either jSON, XML or CVS formats. However, you might also be looking for an API delivery. All of these formats offer different pros and cons. You need to discuss with your development team which is best for you. If you are using a software platform then they will have already set the format that is required.

What formats do we offer?

.jSON        .XML        .XLSX        .CSV        .RTF        .DOC

These are the most popular with our clients. We offer standard specifications for each of these formats and advise clients to follow these. These have been tried and tested by hundreds of clients. Click here to see more.

View Example jSON +                View Example .XML +


Often because of our client base people assume we will be expensive but as we have a large existing database we can offer fantastic deals on non-topical trivia suitable for everything from weekly pub quizzes to trivia for websites, mobile applications or board games. Get in touch for a quote.