Indian Trivia Database

Are you looking for an Indian Trivia Database for your trivia app or website? We have over 10,000 trivia questions specifically for the Indian market. All trivia content comes with a category and difficulty tag. In addition, the content is written for digital products ensuring the character count is perfect for a trivia mobile app or quiz website. Our Indian trivia database is perfect for any trivia product that targets the Indian market.

Indian Trivia Database: Categories

The Indian Trivia Database is categorised into the following topics, ensuring your audience will be engaged with relevant trivia. All content comes with a category tag and also a difficulty rating of easy, medium or hard.

Indian Pop Music Trivia

One of the most popular categories in our Indian Trivia Database. This category contains trivia about Indian Pop music from the last 15 years. The majority of our content is very recent, ensuring this topic is perfect for targeting the 14-25 demographic.

Indian TV Trivia

This category contains high quality trivia content about Indian soaps, dramas and reality TV. This content is perfect for any entertainment trivia app or website. All content is up to date and relevant for a younger mobile or web audience.

Indian Film Trivia

Our Indian film database contains Bollywood trivia questions and also quizzes about Hollywood films that were successful in the Indian market. All trivia content in this section is relevant and covers many films from 2017-2020.

Indian Lifestyle Trivia

This category in our Indian Trivia Database includes content on food, fashion and fitness. This quiz category contains content on both traditional Indian food and fashion and a more modern fusion. 

Indian Tech Trivia

Indian tech and business trivia is growing in popularity with our trivia partners audiences. The category contains trivia on Indian tech businesses (eg OYO) covering startups that make apps and also on western businesses that are popular with the Indian market.

Indian News Trivia 

This category contains trivia questions on recent news events in India and the world that are applicable to an Indian audience. This section is constantly updated and provides great content for daily quiz apps and websites.

Indian History & Geography Trivia

This evergreen trivia category is a must for any trivia app or website that is targeting a broad audience. The category contains only key historical events in Indian history or geographical locations specific to India.

Indian Politics Trivia

There is a growing interest in politics from a younger audience and this category offers great content for any app or website. The trivia content focusses on the lighter side of politics.

Indian Books Trivia

Indian Literature is one of the core topics in our Indian Trivia Database. The content includes modern day Indian books and also the classics that all pupils studied at school.


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