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Create A Trivia Game – How To Guide

We have put together a handy guide on how to create trivia games. This guide should help you create a fun and engaging website or app that will drive advertising revenue. Once you take the first step to creating a trivia website or app, it’s important to follow the following guidelines:

Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to attract to your website or app? f you are looking for an older audience then you need the design of the app or website to reflect them. This refers to both the look of the app/website but also the content. If you’re looking for a younger audience then you will be building in more social sharing functionality. It is important to decide this before choosing your domain, logo and the design of your website. It is well known that niche audiences can drive good advertising revenue.

Choose Your Platform

There are many app building and website software platforms to help create your site. These tools will reduce the cost of building your product and make sure it is scaleable. Click here to see a list of quality tools to consider when you create a trivia game.

Trivia Question Content

The main cost to your product will be how to create or license enough question content to ensure your audience stays on your site or app. Writing question content from scratch is time consuming and challenging. The quickest way to get your product live is to license trivia content from a database. We have over 300,000 quality trivia questions that are graded and separated into categories. A full list of topics can be viewed by clicking here.

If you are looking to create a trivia game then get in touch with us as we can help you scale your trivia project. We have prices to suit all clients from established companies to start ups.

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