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Current Trivia Questions

One of the biggest challenges with trivia questions is that they go out of date so keeping current trivia questions is hard. Because things constantly change in the world, you need to ensure that trivia questions are kept up to date. This is a particular problem in digital products like apps or websites as users expect the trivia content to be correct. If you buy a board game, you accept the trivia content maybe slightly out of date but not in the digital world.

How do I keep my current trivia questions up to date?

There is no option but to constantly check your questions every week. This is a huge task and cost to any business or project. Most questions will date eventually but you can help yourself by ensuring your questions are written in a way not to expire. For example, put a date on the question: “As of 2019, who is the all time leading scorer in the World Cup” is better than “Who is the leading scorer in the World Cup”.

Why is it important to have up to date quiz questions?

In the digital world people expect things to be up to date. In news, people understand that newspapers are a day old but news websites need to be up to date. If you want your website visitors or app users to dwell in your product you need quality content. Quality content means correct content. You do not want bad reviews of your product due to out of date content.

How we can help

We have a database of over 300,000 questions. We employ an army of people to constantly review and update our database to ensure the questions are relevant. We work with big clients like Google, Playtech and Microsoft and they need content they can be sure is right. The same is true for start ups, their product will fail if they content is wrong.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help with your trivia project.