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Halloween Trivia Questions Multiple Choice

Are you looking for Halloween Trivia Questions multiple choice for your trivia app, website or board game? The Question Co have over 1,000 high quality, fully verified Halloween questions that will delight your audience. All questions come with a category, sub category and difficulty rating.

The trivia content is created by professional quiz question writers and then fully verified by our quality assurance team before being made available. All content is available under license and can instantly be integrated into your app or website to increase engagement over the Halloween period.

Halloween Trivia Questions Multiple Choice:

Halloween Movie Trivia

One of the most popular categories in our Halloween Trivia Database. This category contains trivia about movies that were released over the Halloween period. Prepare to be spooked!

Halloween Traditions Trivia

Test your users on well they know Halloween traditions from around the world. Every country has different ways of celebrating Halloween from Mexico to USA to the UK.

Spooky Facts Quizzes

Our Indian film database contains Bollywood trivia questions and also quizzes about Hollywood films that were successful in the Indian market. All trivia content in this section is relevant and covers many films from 2017-2020.

Halloween Food Trivia

Test your knowledge of Halloween Foods with 150 great trivia questions. Do you know which countries celebrate Halloween with different foods?

Horror Movie Trivia

How well do you know horror movies, from Hammer Horror to the present day? This categories contains 100’s of questions about famous horror films.

Halloween Sweets Trivia

For children across the world, Halloween means one thing – sweets! How well do you remember the iconic sweets and treats?

And Much More…

1000 x Halloween Trivia Questions Multiple Choice

All Halloween Questions in our database contain a Category, Sub Category and Difficulty Tag. Content is fully verified and available in the following formats.


Halloween Trivia Questions

1000 Question Bundle