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How to Make a Trivia Game – a Beginners Guide

We are often asked “How to make a trivia game”. This article gives you 5 simple tips to creating a great trivia game.

There are 1000s of trivia apps and websites. This is because they are very popular and you are able to generate significant revenues from advertising and in-app purchases. Other the last few years, Quiz Up, Trivia HQ and Trivia Crack have been the most popular apps on the store and have generated millions of dollars. All of these apps are clients of The Question Co. We have significant experience in how to develop a great trivia product.

How to Make a Trivia game

1. Target your audience for your trivia game

In order to make money from your trivia game you must decide who your audience is and make the game tailored to them. You must decide if your trivia content will be English only or include other languages. Secondly, you must decide the demographic, is your audience young or old. Once you have decided this then you must create the branding of the trivia game to suit his audience.

2. Decide your platform for your quiz

In order to gain an audience you need to decide which platform to launch on. There are many successful quiz apps and trivia websites. The key decision here, is whether you are looking to monetise via adverts or in-app purchases. Both platforms have pros and cons and only you can decide which is best for you.

3. Buy Quiz Questions for Your Trivia Product

One of the key things that people overlook is the cost of acquiring a trivia database. It is impossible to write 1000’s of trivia questions that are high quality and suit your audience. We have a database of over 300,000 quiz questions that are written for digital products. Each question comes with a category and difficulty tag. We offer the trivia in XML, jSON and CSV formats. Get in touch to find out how we can help you launch your trivia product.

4. Market your Trivia Website or App

The biggest mistake you can make is investing in creating a great quiz product and then not spend any time or money marketing it. You will need to do a combination of paid marketing and social media targeting to find your audience.

5. Keep the Quiz Product Updated

One of the key factors in a successful quiz website or trivia app is how up to date it is. You will need to constantly update your trivia to make sure it contains the latest trends. We can help you do this as we have a team of 30 writers who constantly update our database. This means if you partner with us then you can always access high quality up to date trivia.

Good luck creating your trivia app or website and get in touch today to find out how we can help!