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List Of Trivia Questions

If you are looking for a list of trivia questions then you are likely building a trivia app or website or running a bar trivia night. The first place people look are trivia website such as Sporcle and Big Daily Trivia . These are fantastic resources for inspiration of the type of trivia content you are looking for.

What type of trivia questions do you need?

There are three main types of trivia questions that are used in apps, websites and bar nights. The first one is multiple choice questions. These are hugely popular as they are very inclusive as anyone can guess if they do not know the topic. The second one are “put them in order” trivia questions. The question asks you to select the correct order of the answers. These questions are fun and hugely popular. The last category are question and answers. These are very simple but also very popular with pub trivia nights. All of these formats will be on your list of trivia questions.

What format do you want your questions in?

There are several formats that work well for any trivia project. Formats such as Word and Excel are perfect for bar trivia nights. If you are developing an app or website then you are likely to be looking for jSON or XML formats.

How we can help

We have over 300,000 questions in all the formats outlined above. Our questions are split over 500 categories. All questions come with a category and sub category tag and also a difficulty rating. This means our content will work for any project. We charge a license fee for each question and we cater for all budgets. Some of the companies we work with include Gameloft, Microsoft, Google and Playtech but we also work with lots of newer companies like HouseParty. We also work with lots of start up projects.

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