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Printable Trivia Questions

If you are running a bar or pub quiz you will be looking for printable trivia questions. Bar quizzes are a great way to get your pub packed with punters. There are lots of ways to create a fun bar quiz and this article explores your options.

Create your own trivia night

You know you customers better than anyone, so who better to write the questions than you? Well, unfortunately writing trivia is not that easy and is time consuming. You would be better off marketing your night to ensure you bar is packed than spending time writing trivia questions.

Take them off a website

It is tempting to just take content off a website and use their content for free. This is however illegal as there are copyright issues with stealing content without permission. Feel free to browse websites for inspiration but ensure you have permission to use someone else’s work. Websites such as Big Daily Trivia have 1000s of trivia questions to give you inspiration. Take a look at their topics by clicking here.

Buy trivia questions from us

We are the leading supplier of bar trivia questions in the world and have lots of ready to go printable trivia questions. It is very simple, you choose the categories, the difficulty and we do the rest. We have over 500 topics to pick from, including all the favourites like sport, entertainment and geography. We also have different formats such as multiple choice questions, put them in order trivia and questions and answer.

Get in touch with us today and find out why 1000s of bars and restaurants work with us on their trivia nights.

Printable Trivia Questions by The Question Co