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Professional Trivia Database

Since 2020, there has been an explosion in trivia apps and websites building on an already very popular genre. The main reason behind this has been lockdowns across the globe and people looking to interact with their friends & family via a digital medium. This trend has continued with app and website trivia games continuing to dominate the charts in 2022. In addition, there has been a rise in trivia websites linking interaction to earning or staking crypto currency. All trivia projects require content and this article explores why using a professional trivia database is the best approach for your project.

I’ve Built A Trivia App – How Do I Access Trivia Content?

Write The Content Yourself

This potentially works for MVP when you need 100 questions to test the concept however, this is not a scaleable solution. Founders should be focussed on driving growth in the business not writing trivia content. In addition, creating engaging content is a skill that requires professional writers and QA.

Use An Open Source Database

An open source library will not be curated and / or QA’d to ensue your users / customers get a quality gaming experience. The quality of content will be heavily linked to the engagement level (and therefore your revenue return).
Open source content is aggregated through user generated submission. It might be nice to think of trivia fans sitting at home writing content for the love of quizzing and submitting but the reality is that the content is often lifted from websites and will therefore infringe intellectual copyright IP.

Lifting Content From A Website

This is very common and clearly a bad idea as any form of IP theft will ultimately result in legal issues. Publishers will have various mechanisms to protect their IP. Stealing any content is never the right way to start or run your business.

Commission Trivia Writers

There are many freelancers who will write trivia content for your project. Expect to pay circa $1.50 per question and then you will need to employ a QA team to vet the content. This is an expensive way to populate your trivia product and will require in-house resource to ensure the consistency of content.

User Generated Submissions

It is possible to rely on users submitting content to your site. A good example of this was the hugely popular QuizUp product from 2012. However, publishers will need a core base of content to launch the product so this is only a solution once your product is live and has traction.

Professional Trivia Database

There are a number of trivia databases on the market that cater for different niches and are the best way to quickly scale your trivia product. Any trivia database should issue you a license agreement to protect you from any IP issues and the content is ready to be integrated into your app. This solution is the best way forward if you want to create and grow a trivia business in apps or website form.

How Does A Trivia Database Model Work?

Any company that runs a trivia database invests to create the content themselves. They then offer the content under a license agreement to multiple companies for a fee and a specific duration. The underlying IP in the questions is always owned by the trivia database and they offer a license to use for a specific project. So essentially, you pay a fee per question to use the questions in your product for a certain time period.

What Categories Do You Have?

The Question Co is the largest trivia database on the market and has over 500,000 up to date and relevant questions. The database is split into 20 core categories (eg Sport, Art, Entertainment, Technology, Film and TV etc) and then into 500+ sub categories (eg Film / 1980s Film, US Sport / NBA, Lifestyle / Fashion etc).

What Types of Trivia Do You Have?

The Question Co trivia database contains the following question types:
✓ Multiple Choice – Question + 4 possible answers
✓ Image Multiple Choice  – Image + Question + 4 possible answers
✓ True or False
✓ Question & Answer
✓ Who Am I

What Formats Do You Offer?

The Question Co works predominately with tech businesses and as such offers formats that can be directly imported into your product.
✓ Excel
✓ jSON

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