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Trivia Database Download – Licensing Quiz Content

When you develop a trivia app or website, you will need to find a trivia database download to populate it. There are many options for trivia content. You could use a free open source database. You could license a database from us or write your own content.

If you are looking to write your own content then you need to review how long it will take to write the content. Are you better off focussing on marketing your website or app.


There will be four main factors that you look for in your trivia database download.

  1. Quality of the content. This seems obvious but if you opt for a free database it will contain incorrect questions and answers. In addition, it is likely to have copyright issues. The questions will have been written by the general public with no QA. If you use an established quiz database such as us, then you know that all content has been fact checked and is correct.
  2. Categories and Sub Categories. If you want a large volume of questions it will be essential that the content has category tags. All the trivia that we supply comes with a category and sub category. This makes it perfect for app and website developers. For example, when QuizUp launched, they used us to supply most of their content.

3. Difficulty Rating. Most of our customers require the content to come with a difficulty tag. This improves the user experience as the questions can be tailored to the customer. All of our questions come with a difficulty tag. You can read more about our ratings by clicking here.

4. Refresh your content. Once you launch your product and it is successful you will need to update it. If you chose a supplier with limited content then you will need to use an alternative to refresh the app or website. The problem with this is that you will need to cross reference the original and new supply for any duplicates. We have over 400k questions.