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Are you a developer or publisher and looking for a trivia database for mobile apps? The question company specialise in licensing trivia questions to mobile developers both from our trivia database and via bespoke quiz content creation. Mobile apps are the fastest growing area in question content licensing, driven in part by the huge success of products like “Quiz Up” and “Trivia Crack”. These high profile games have really re-ignited the thirst for high-quality trivia products following on from the generation of board games such as Trivial Pursuit.

Tailored for tight character constraints our trivia database for mobile apps has content licensed to high profile partners such as Quiz up, Trivial Pursuit, Game Loft, The Discovery Channel, Pretty Mobile, ITV and BBC to name a few. Our customers who are after a trivia database for mobile apps look to buy questions that fall in to two categories. The first, start-up companies developing quiz platforms with unique engaging ways for users to play with trivia content on mobile and tablet devices. The second are mobile app publishers who license TV gameshows such as A Question of Sport, Mastermind, Blockbusters, The Chase, Tipping Point, Bullseye, Coronation Street Rovers Return Pub Quiz, Catchphrase and even Countdown. These publishers have licensed the rights to TV gameshows and require a high-quality reliable well-established trivia database for mobile apps with brand recognition. The Question Co work with them in order to supply the trivia and make their products engaging and successful.

Why do companies work with the question company?

We are the only company that has a dedicated trivia database for mobile apps and developers where the question content is tailored and created specifically for distribution on mobile as quizzes. The content is written to ensure that it’s mobile ready and optimized both in character constraint, line breaks and appeals to a broad, young audience (the optimum base for any mobile app publisher). Many content suppliers have thousands of trivia questions but have out-dated trivia often targeted to periods of time before the core audience of mobile users were even born. Our trivia database for mobile apps is very different to this, we specialise in having fresh, up-to-date and accurate trivia database content for publishers to make their apps as successful as possible.

A trivia database for mobile apps and developers or publishers a one stop shop for pretty much any category a question and difficulties they require memo bar application. Our quiz question database is split up into 25 main categories each with 50 subcategories covering every imaginable topic. Every question in the database has been well researched doesn’t date is fresh fully spelling spell and grammar checked and mobile ready into the character length and line breaks. We are able to supply after 200,000 database trivia questions within one working week of an order in a format that mobile app developers and publishers can easily integrate into their mobile application.


The second service that we supply the mobile app development community is spoke trivia content creation. Sometimes Mobile app developers require some indifference, this might be the format of the question in terms of how many wrong answers they require or a phthisic character constraint because of the user interface only allows a certain amount the question or indeed a totally new type of Trinidad and be number four. In these situations we are engaged for the mobile app developers to create bespoke trivia content that is tailored for the Pacific app. All rights within this workflow transfers directly to the mobile at publisher in perpetuity. We have created as folk trivia database content of apps such as quiz up trivial Pursuit blockbusters and Bullseye. In addition we have developed a spoke trivia questions the TV broadcasters including the Discovery Channel and ITV Australia.


Delivery Methods.

We are very different company to Other players in the question content space. Development and mobile outside the front of our business and all content and delivery is creative I won’t work flow that is specifically developed to ensure smooth delivery to my up to mobile app developers. We offer trivia database content to be delivered in the following format:.XLS.CSV.txt in.XML. We are very comfortable working with developers in order to create XML structures in order to ensure that our trivia database can be implemented into your mobile app in as soon as possible way.


Mobile app publishing developers have a very different criteria for trivia database and quiz question content to physical and traditional publishers. Mobile publishers no the consumer snacks and contents may have to ensure that they get maximum engagement once again the user into the application. This means that quiz questions need to be short snappy particular engaging and interesting from the off otherwise ‘the use interest me want a different application. This is why leading mobile app developers and publishers choose the question company when I Wanna look when they are looking to buy trivia database questions for their mobile apps. Although it may be cheaper to buy trivia database from companies that have old historic contentThis is off to the full’s economy as a consumer mobile apps will have no knowledge of the topic base within the stupid your database. We are confidence that any mobile at publisher will be very happy the type of content and the quality of content of the question company delivers when buying trivia quiz database content from the question company.


Trivia Database Questions Licensing Terms

We have a deep understanding of how the mobile app Business works and therefore have created a standard licensing agreement to fit perfectly with the requirements of licensing content particularly trivia database quiz content from mobile apps. We know the importance of keeping your upfront cost low and enabling you to cash flow ready to refresh your content are regular basis with a trusted content supplier. Traditionally physical publishers require long license terms we are able to offer high-quality trivia database content the price in terms of mobile at publishers around the world need.


Trivia Databasse Questions Popularity

We work with a lot of start-up mobile app developers and publishers are looking to create products in a quiz space within the digital market. Because we work with such a wide range publishes very large rackets game loft bracket three successful start-up companies such as quiz up through two licensed gameshow at publishers bracket is pretty mobile and traditional broadcasters such as the BBC and ITV we have one of the best overviews of what is going on in the trivia markets around the world currently. We are often engaged by start up mobile app developers to advise on what content is the most popular and which receives the most engagement to ensure that when they released their mobile application to execute a strategy. If you’re looking to help in deciding which categories from trivia quiz database you require then please get in touch. However I’m happy to share here some of the most popular topics that we license and most popular engagement that we understand the accuracy. The first is celebrity. The celebrity phenomenon is absolutely bang on in the demographic or demographic mobile app uses which is 1530. This this trivia content needs to be up-to-date fresh high-quality and factually research in order to be credible to his young audience. We have over 10,000 is fresh up-to-date celebrity trivia database questions available to buy the mobile publishers. The second most popular trivia database category relicenses sport. Is well known that sports fans not facts and trivia and our experience is that this is one of our bestselling categories within our trivia question database data sale. In Europe UK Address the world football or soccer as Americans call it is by far away the most popular subtopic within sport with us licensing on average 3000 questions per week.


We are very happy to engage with mobile app developers and publishers at any stage of the project in order to help their projects come to fruition and be as profitable as possible. This ranges from getting involved in the early stages of user experience user interface design to ensure that his optimizer deliver the best and freshest possible consent to the end user secondly we’re happy to provide solve all contents in order to populate the application to use a test the application with a real audience to ensure that your user experience of having for lunch. And lastly we could only work with mobile app publishers and developers when I looked at by trivia database to populate the application with the launch.


Archery database comes in the UK or US English. However, we partner with the leading localization companies in order to facilitate our clients being able to have localized trivia database content then overlaps. There are two facets to localizing trivia database quizzes the first is C language in the seconds ensuring the content is appropriate. In particular territory. Four example an easy question Europe may not be an easy question to Japan even when the questions localizing to language. The question company insures the contents is right for the audience and we partner with a leading localization company to turn a consenting to the right language from mobile apartment.


If you are developing or publishing and mobile at and require trivia database quiz questions then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help with your requirement.


Our entire database is graded between Easy, Medium and Hard Questions levels.

Number of Answers

Content can be taken as straight Q&A or choose between 2, 3, or 4 multiple choice answers.

Character Limits

Our content is written with character limits in mind for both questions and answers. Let us know your limit and we can export accordingly.

50:50 Elimination

We have tagged the most appropriate answers to eliminate if requiring a 50:50 option.

Translation Service

Our database is in English but can be cost effectively translated to most languages.

Delivery Formats

Content can be output to a variety of formats including Excel, Word, XML or JSON.


Often because of our client base people assume we will be expensive, but as we have a large existing database we can offer fantastic deals on non-topical trivia suitable for everything from weekly pub quizzes to trivia for websites, mobile applications or board games.