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Licensing Quiz Questions – Trivia Generator vs Licensing Database

There are many ways to populate your quiz website or app. These include using a trivia generator to licensing a trivia database. It is important to find the right solution to your product.

We have a huge database of question content. The most popular formats are multiple choice, QA and Put Them In Order. Our questions are accurate and come with a category and sub category.

We have a large variety of topics that cater for all your quiz needs. You can find out more about the topics we have by clicking here.

Downside of using a trivia generator

Many clients we work with start off trying to use one of these. The problem is that the content is often inaccurate and not checked. In addition, if you need a large volume of content then these types of generators will not work for your project.

Who we work with?

We work with many of the leading digital publishers in the world. These include Gameloft, AOL and Playtech. They work with us because of the volume of high quality trivia content we have. We are also very pleased to work with start ups and student projects.

Pricing Structure

We charge a license fee for our content. The price depends on the volume of content you require and the length of the license. We cater for all types of companies and projects. Get in touch for more information on pricing.

What format does your content come in?

We supply our content in a format that suits you. We offer jSON, XML and CSV formats but can cater for other formats if need be. Most developers prefer jSON or XML as it offers a more scaleable way to import the content.

If you need trivia content then please get in touch.