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Trivia Packs – Quiz Database for Apps and Websites

If you are building a trivia app or website it is likely that you will need trivia packs. There are a variety of ways to source trivia content, from writing it yourself to licensing content from a trivia database or using open source content. This article explores the different options available to acquiring trivia packs.

Writing Trivia Yourself?

We often see that start up trivia companies try and write the content themselves. However, writing high quality quizzes is time consuming and challenging. You are likely to better off spending time perfecting your product and marketing it than spending time writing. Even with a team of professional writers it is likely to take weeks to write even 1000 good quality quizzes. You also need to factor in that you need to constantly update your trivia.

Open Source Trivia Database

There are a number of open source trivia databases that some clients look to use. There are big problems with open source trivia. Firstly, the content will not have be QA’d meaning that your audience will have a poor experience. Secondly, the content may have been taken from a commercial source. This means that you maybe infringing someones copyright. This can lead to law suits and added cost to your business just as you have started out. This article outlines the challenges you may face by using open source content for your trivia packs.

Buy Trivia Packs from a Trivia Database

The advantage of buying trivia packs from a trivia database is that you know the content is legally sound and it should be high quality. In addition, it will be sent in a format your developers can work with. Our company has over 12 years of experience of licensing trivia packs to apps, websites, board games and TV shows. You can see our client list by clicking here. We have over 300,000 trivia questions in our database. All content comes with a category and a difficulty tag and we can deliver in XML, jSON or CSV formats. You can read more on which format is best for you by clicking here.

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