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Trivia Trends: 2022 Report

The Question Co licensed over 7 million questions to hundreds of clients in 2021. These clients range from ByteDance (Tik Tok), Playtech, Mimir (first Crypto gambling quiz) and a range of start ups. We have compiled the very latest trivia trends on what types of trivia, most popular categories and other great insights that will help you make the right decisions to ensure the success of your trivia app or website.

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Most Popular Trivia Categories 2021

The Question Co offers over 600 categories of trivia and below are the key trends of which are most popular based on licensing over 7 million trivia questions in 2021.

1. US Television Shows
The most popular category of 2021 was US TV shows. 70% of The Question Co’s clients are US based companies. However, even when the data was normalised this category was still the most popular. This is likely to be the continued rise in popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney + which often offer a huge volume of US TV content.

2. Football: European Championships
Football is an ever popular trivia category which was the most requested category in 2020. The European Championships was hugely popular with mobile trivia apps, peaking in the lead up to the tournament in June. This fits into the broader trend of event based trivia becoming more popular. In the past, publishers requested broader, ever green topics to ensure the content would drive engagement over a longer period but seemingly the audiences are wanting up to date event trivia.

3. Food
This trivia category was not in the top 10 in 2020 but has proved very popular with trivia audiences in 2021. This broad category includes every type of cuisine as well as cooking and baking. Within this category, the most popular requested sub category was American Food, followed by Asian Food.

4. Marvel
For the first time since The Question Co launched in 2012, Marvel content has proved more popular than Disney content. There has been of course numerous Marvel films driving broad interest across the mobile market. We have also seen a huge rise in requests for content specific to a Marvel film as opposed to the whole catalogue.

5. Reality TV
Reality TV has been a popular category since The Question Co launched but 2021 was the first time it made the top 10 most requested categories. The mobile audience has grown up with reality stars as they have crossed over into the mainstream and it is likely that any publisher looking to target the 16-25 age group should have reality TV content in their offering.

6. IQ Trivia
IQ trivia, both text based and image based, were hugely popular in 2021. The majority of companies requesting this content were mobile based, targeting the 40+ audience. This is a trend we expect to see grow in 2022 and The Question Co is investing to develop more content in this category.

7. Back to School
We were surprised to see a resurgence of ‘traditional’ trivia topics such as History, Geography, Maths & Science. The demand mainly came from web based trivia companies or ‘Zoom quizzes’ and can likely be explained by global lockdowns and an older audience looking for trivia content for entertainment.

8. Console Gaming
The Question Co saw a huge rise in demand for console gaming trivia. The popularity of Twitch and the global lockdowns fuelled the rise in gaming generally and we have seen trivia app publishers responding with offering trivia based on popular games.

9. Crypto Currency 
The start of 2021 saw a surge in requests for Crypto trivia. The Question Co responded with creating a trivia category and we saw a strong interest from mobile publishing targeting this growing market. Any trivia publisher looking to target a male audience 18-30 should consider including Crypto trivia in their apps or websites.

10. Religion
A surprising entry on our top 10 most requested categories. The demand came mainly from trivia providers looking to target specific religions and / or learning resources.

Trivia Database

Trivia Products Trends

Since The Question Co launched in 2012 we have supplied many leading trivia companies including QuizUp and Trivia HQ. In 2021, we have seen two very distinct trends in the trivia gaming market.

Crypto Trivia Games
The Question Co have received over 50 enquirers from trivia companies looking to marry content with crypto currencies. Many are staking crypto currency against trivia gaming. This will be one of the biggest growth areas in trivia in 2022 and an area that established trivia brands will be looking to enter. For a good example of Crypto Trivia, take a look at

Pay to Play Trivia Games
One of the biggest trends in gaming we have seen in 2021, is the rise of “pay to play” trivia apps. This is not a new genre, however, it has gained huge traction in Asia, particularly in India. The Question Company developed a specific trivia database for the Indian market. More information can be found here

Return of Board Games
One of the effects of lockdowns due to Covid-19 has been the recovery in popularity in board games. A new generation of board games have become popular, either self published or developed via crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Crowdcube. The Question Co client, Outsmarted, is one of the most successful board games of 2021 having been crowdfunded on Kickstarter. We expect to see many more board games being published via this route in 2022.

Trivia Platform Trends

Since 2012, trivia products have evolved significantly. Many of The Question Co early clients were either web based platforms or licensed brands being developed for mobile apps. The market has matured since then and large gaming platforms, such as TQC client, PlayTech have entering the market. Below we have outlined some key trends that any trivia publisher should be aware of:

Ad Blockers – How Trivia Can Maintain Revenues
When a user with an ad blocker visits a website with advertising, the blocker identifies the ad content and prevents it from loading. As a result, the website does not receive ad revenue for that user. This is obviously bad news for any website that relies solely on advertising revenue. The Question Co has seen a rise in interest in trivia products from established web brands that have never previously incorporated trivia content since the rise of Ad Blockers. 

So how can trivia help with the drop in revenue from ad blockers? Publishers need to increase engagement and dwell time on their website to be able monetise users through other means (such as paid upgrades, affiliate sales or cross selling.

Neil Patel, one of the best known SEO experts globally has written extensively on why trivia content can improve dwell time and website revenues. More information can be found on his blog

Dual Distribution: Web Based & Mobile Apps
When The Question Co was initially founded in 2012, most clients were web based trivia products relying on ad revenue. The dramatic rise of Apps, initially via the App Store and then via Google Play changed this, with 90% of all enquirers for app only based products. Between 2012-2020, the App Store became a very challenging place to gain traction and users. The cost per acquisition has rocketed and paid apps have become niche. This has meant that trivia products have faced the option of facing huge venture funding to acquire users on the App Store or review their distribution options. Due to this trend, trivia publishers have started to publish both App and based version of their product to reduce the cost of acquisition. This is a trend we will see continue in 2022.

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