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Unique Trivia Questions – Custom Content

Many companies want unique trivia questions rather than database content. The reasons are numerous. Companies often want trivia questions that are not also in other websites or apps. They may also want a format of questions that is not available from databases. They may have certain brand guidelines that prevent database content being an option. We have create unique trivia questions for many companies such as Gameloft and Playtech.

Should I commission freelance writers?

Commissioning freelancers to help create content is nothing new. However, writing trivia content is different from articles and other written projects. It is essential that you create a style guide for writers to ensure you get consistency across your content. In addition, your questions will have different writing styles which may cause issues in your project. You may also face copyright issues if writers lift content from this party websites.

What other options do I have?

We work with many of the leading websites to create custom trivia content. Our writers are highly experienced and have a wide variety of knowledge. All of our writers are vetted and we ensure that all content created is consistent and on brief. You can find more information on our unique trivia question creation by clicking here.

What is the cost?

The cost of creating question content varies depending on volume, spec and timelines. We cater for all budgets from blue chip companies to start ups. We are able to create over 10,000 questions per week, meaning we can help you launch your project very quickly.

Get in touch to find out how we can help with your trivia project. We are happy to provide advice on what topics to choose to drive engagement on your website or app. We have writers all over the world.