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Who Am I? Trivia Database


Who Am I Trivia Database Questions have increased in popularity in the last 2 years. Many trivia apps include this type of trivia content to engage audiences.

We have over 2,000 Who Am I Trivia Questions that are ready to include in your product. This type of trivia content  is perfect for mobile apps who target a younger audience.

Our trivia database questions  all come with four answers and are verified by our team. The trivia content is written by professional writers and are crafted for mobile or web products.

Our Who Am I database caters for all trivia products  and clients can select a maximum character count for questions and answers.

Who Am I? Quiz Examples:

Who Am I?

Clue: I am a rapper.
Clue: I was born in New York
Clue: I am a member ‘G-Unit’
Clue: My debut album was entitled ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

50 Cent (←)
Rick Ross
The Game
Young Buck

Who Am I?

Clue: I have won the league as a manager in 4 different countries.
Clue: For one team I have managed, I remained undefeated in all home league games.
Clue: I am Portuguese.
Clue: I am the self acclaimed ‘Special One’.

Jose Mourinho (←)
Fabio Capello
Carlo Ancelotti
Louis van Gaal

Who Am I? Trivia Format

# ID   ¦   Category   ¦   Sub Category   ¦   Difficulty   ¦   Question   ¦   Clue 1   ¦   Clue2   ¦   Clue3   ¦   Clue4   ¦   Correct Answer   ¦   Incorrect 1   ¦   Incorrect 2   ¦   Incorrect 3


Often because of our client base people assume we will be expensive but as we have a large existing database we can offer fantastic deals on non-topical trivia suitable for everything from weekly pub quizzes to trivia for websites, mobile applications or board games. Get in touch for a quote.

Other Trivia Types

Want something different to multiple-choice trivia? We have many different question formats in our database to cater for all your trivia requirements. Other popular formats include Put Them In Order, QA, True or False and Would You Rather? Our trivia database contains thousands of trivia questions in all formats.

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