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Buy a Quiz: The Quickest Way to Scale Your Trivia Business

Any company or individual who wants to publish a trivia product (app, website or broad game) faces the issue of where to buy a quiz to populate the product. There are number of options of where to buy a quiz but it is likely that you will need to license the content from a trivia database.

Trivia Database such as The Question Co, Buy Quiz Questions & Trivia Database provide quiz content that is available for license. Each company has differing pricing structures and licensing agreements but all offer a way for trivia companies to quickly scale a quiz businesses.

How Many Questions Do I Need to Buy?

The amount of quizzes you need to buy depends on the product genre and medium you are targeting. If you are developing a board game you are likely to need around 1000 questions. The reason is that people do not play board games more than a few times a year. If you are developing a mobile app quiz game you will need a lot more content as people will play the trivia app multiple times a day if successful. Most trivia apps license 25,000 questions.

There’s research backing up the fact that online quizzes are a great way to gain better insight into your users, what they want, how you can better cater to their needs, and thus, create stronger business relationships with them.

Board Game

1,000+ questions

Trivia App

25,000+ questions

Trivia Website

50,000+ questions

License Agreement: Buy A Quiz

When looking to buy a quiz you will need to acquire the content under a license agreement. If you are unfamiliar with license agreements you will need to understand how the model works.

Trivia Database providers, like any content owners eg image libraries, invest to create content that is required by multiple potential customers. The content owner always retains ownership of the content and suppliers / sells the content under a lease agreement (license agreement) which allows the customer to use the content for a certain amount of time in a specified product. The license agreement means the content owner can sell the content to multiple partners and are protected from their customers reselling the content.

The Question Co offer a two different licensing models for publishers looking to buy a quiz.

i) 4 Year License – this means the customer pays a fee per question and are able to use the trivia content in the specified product for 4 years. After this time expires, the customer would need to relicense the content again to continue using the trivia content.

ii) License in Perpetuity – this means that the Question Co gives a license to the customer to use the content in a specified trivia product forever, with no additional license fee payable. The ownership of the content is retained by The Question Co and the customer cannot resell the content but is able to use the content forever in the named product.

Formats Available: Buy A Quiz

The format you need the quiz questions in will depend on the type of product you are creating. If you are publishing a digital trivia product the format will differ from a physical quiz board game.

Board Games: Typically board game publishers will require the content in Excel (XLS) format as the content will need to be laid out in artwork for printing. Excel offer each question segment in a separate cell making it easy for the artwork to lay out the content in the question cards. The Question Co have previously created content for Trivial Pursuit Board Game.

Trivia App or Quiz Website: Digital publisher typically require the quiz content in a format that can be instantly pulled into the product without reformatting. The best formats for these types of quiz products is jSON or XML. These types of formats allow the development team to seamlessly integrate the content into their app or website with no work required.

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