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DB Trivia – Powering Your Trivia App or Website

DB Trivia

What is Database Trivia (DB Trivia)?

TDatabase Trivia (DB Trivia) is a large data set of quiz content contained in a database and available for license to third parties. There are a number of companies that offer DB Trivia including The Question Co, Trivia Database & Buy Quiz Questions.

These companies offer a service to app, console and web publishers to access large volumes of high quality trivia content under a license agreement. Database Trivia content is written by professional writers and offers a huge cost saving on creating bespoke content in house or outsourced.

How is Database Trivia Content Created?

Trivia Database companies employ a team of professional trivia writers, each with their own specialism in a subject matter. These writers generate trivia content that the database owner will be able to license many times to different publishers. Once the trivia writers have created the content, it will be passed to the Quality Assurance (QA) team. The role of the QA team is to ensure that the trivia question and the associated correct answer can be verified by at least two sources. In addition the QA team will also likely ensure the incorrect answers are potentially viable to ensure the question stands up as a quality quiz question.

The next stage of the process for DB Database companies is grading the trivia question to ensure it gets the correct difficulty rating (tag). This process is often done by the writing team and then verified by the QA team.

How Are Images Source for DB Trivia Content?

One of the most requested trivia genres by our clients is image question content. This provides a challenge for quiz database owners as images have copyright associated with them, both in the image owner (often a photographer or image library) and also potentially in some cases, underlying IP in the subject matter.

The Question Company sources its images by utilising the Creative Comms Licence. These are images that the owner of the copyright has chosen to allow the image to be used by any company so long as they get an attribution (ie a credit). More can be found on this in our article about open source images. If you are specifically looking for image based trivia content, then you can find out more information on our image database by clicking here.

What are the Most Popular Categories in Your Trivia Database?

The Question Co DB Trivia was founded in 2012 and we have witnessed numerous trivia trends. The rise of TV game show apps (eg Who Wants To Be A Millionaire), QuizUp, TriviaHQ and HouseParty. With these huge apps has come different trends of what quiz gamers are looking for. For example. QuizUp was very focused on specialised niche topics (eg Sport / Premier League / Liverpool), whereas Trivia HQ was more focused on broad topics that everyone believes they can answer.

The Question Company has created a 2022 Trivia Trends Report that helps games publishers to understand the changing requirements of users across mobile, web and console. In the report we highlight the most popular categories for targeting certain demographics, alongside trends such as quizzing linked to crypto currencies.

2022 Trivia Trends Report

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