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Question Database With Images

Questions with images

We get 100s of enquiries from app and web publishers regarding our question database with images. This is no surprise as image content improves user retention and dwell time, ultimately increasing the value of any trivia digital product. However, there is a knowledge gap of image licensing rights with publishers and developers that often leads to delays in launching trivia products. This article aims to offer a definitive guide to how to license and use image content for quiz products.

5 Things To Know About Image Licensing

Images often have underlying copyright

Image content may have several underlying copyrights associated with it. A) there is the copyright of the photography themselves. The person who took the image may own the copyright or have assigned it. B) Image libraries – often a photographer has either assigned image copyright to a library like Getty or the library has purchased the copyright. C) Image Rights – the person in the image may also have rights in the image as it is there image being shown.

Images often have different usage rights 

Images will often have restrictions on usage when using them in a certain way. Commonly, images are only for ‘editorial usage’ (more on this later) or they could be allowed for ‘commercial usage’. Publishers need to look at any restrictions and how they may impact any usage of the image.

Image Libraries don’t understand trivia products

Image libraries have rigid licensing criteria and often trivia products do not fall into the usual categories. Typically companies license images for TV, Magazines or websites so often you may get a quote that is higher than it should be.

Different countries have different laws on image rights

Different countries will have differing laws and regulations on the usage of image rights. For instance, France has very strict privacy laws and potentially this will impact the global release of a product using a question database with images.

Sport is challenging when it comes to image rights

Sport in general have been the most proactive in protecting image copyright. There are many laws and rules about using sports stars (in their kit or playing for their team) that you need to consider when licensing image content for trivia products.

How Do I Navigate This Nightmare?

Many publishers ask us to help navigate the licensing issues. There are many work arounds that can be used to ensure you are compliant with image licensing. At The Question Co we are happy to help any publishers or developers to understand their options and find a solution for them to ensure their Question Database With Images works in a legal capacity

How Does The Question Co License Their Question Database With Images?

The Question Co has developed way to ensure that we are able to license a Question Database With Images. The solution is that we use images that are available under the Creative Comms Commercial Usage License.
Creative Comms is a protocol where photographers distribute their image content on the internet under a license where any publisher can use their images with no fee with attribution. This means as long as you credit the photographer in your app or website then you are free to use the image content.
The Question Co has spent years researching high quality content under these terms and written highly engaging content to the image asset. When you license our Question Database With Images we supply the questions and image assets in one easy format that enables the development team to integrate the content into the trivia product.

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