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Quiz Maker: Top 5 Tools

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Quiz Maker: Top 5 Tools

The Question Co works with hundreds of publishers who distribute trivia content. Lots  these trivia publishers use an online Quiz Maker tool. We have researched and reviewed all of the top Quiz Maker tools and have provided an unbiased summary below of the Top 5 tools.

We know our customers and what they look for in a Quiz Maker tool and as such, have narrowed down the judging criteria to the following:

* Feature Sets

* Cost

* Ease of Use

* On-Boarding

* Customer Service

* Cancellation Period

QuizMaker is one of the oldest products on the market. They proudly state they have been “online since 2003”. They rank very high in the search term “Quiz Maker” and provide all the necessary tools for simple through to complex quiz tools.

Quiz Maker

QuizMaker offer a free version of the their product but there is very limited functionality with a maximum of 10 questions that can be uploaded, only 25 responses allowed, QuizMaker branding and no support. This is a free version in name only and really anyone looking to use this product will need to pay to upgrade to a paid plan.

Paid plans range from $23 per month to $79 per month and each plan comes with great features for anyone looking to incorporate trivia in their product.

QuizMaker offer a comprehensive online resource for self service that can be found here. The paid plans offer additional support for any company or individual that requires it.

TypeForm is a well known brand in online data capture, best known for surveys. However, TypeForm have introduced a quiz maker specific product to help trivia publishers distribute their content with a simple user friendly tool.

TypeForm Quiz Maker

TypeForm’s USP is how user friendly the product is. The website and onboarding are simple and clearly a lot of investment has gone into the design and user experience of the tool. There is a free version of the product that would work for a small quiz with limited responses.

Paid plans range from £21 to £66 per month and offer a range of great features to create an engaging quiz for website visitors.

TypeFrom have a very comprehensive help section of their website with the focus on self learning without the need for human support. TypeForm offers a great option as a Quiz Maker tool.

QZZR is one of the newer quiz maker tools on the block and is firmly aimed at the enterprise customer. The website and tool are well designed and offer all the functionality you would require.

QZZR Quiz maker

QZZR do not a free version for customers. This will be a challenge for companies who are looking to test the product or maybe do not need the full service that QZZR offer. As the product is aimed at larger companies then this product is not likely to be for you if you want to add a single quiz on a personal blog or website.

Paid plans range from $22 per month to $10,000 for QZZR to create a custom build product for you. The paid plans do offer high quality functionality.

In summary, if you are company looking for a high quality Quiz Maker then QZZR is likely to be the best tool for you.

CrowdPurr have built a great product and business since they launched. At The Question Co we see a lot of our clients products are built on CrowdPurr.

CrowdPurr Quiz Maker

CrowdPurr offer a free version for customers and the feedback from our existing clients is that this version comes packed with features. One of Crowdpurr’s biggest draws is their easy to use dashboard providing comprehensive data feedback for users.

Paid plans range from $49.99 to $149.99 and contain a great range of features for customers.

CrowdPurr is a good option for either a personal user on a blog or website or the bigger enterprise user.

Quizizz are an engagement platform and have built a huge user base in Asia and beyond. The platform offer far more than just quiz content distribution. However, the platform is really aimed at educational facilities or students.


Quizizz do offer a free version but it contains very limited functionality and only allows up to 10 participants. You are able to access the free trial with no credit card with a bonus. However, this platform is not the best option for the casual user wanting a free product.

Paid plans range for $19 to $48 and contain a great set of features for any company or individual looking to add quizzing to their website.

Quizizz is a great platform with a large user base. They are great choice for enterprise users, especially in the education sector.

One Thing All Quiz Makers Are Missing!

Quiz Making tools offer a great way to bring quiz content to your website. The platforms typically need no coding experience implement and have a web dashboard to upload the content. However, all Quiz Makers do not offer any actual Trivia Content to include!

As anyone who has published a trivia product knows, the hardest part is not which platform to use but where to source 1000’s of high quality trivia questions to populate your product and keep your audience engaged.

The Question Co has a solution! We have over 500,000 high quality trivia questions in our database ready to be included in your trivia product. All questions come with Category, Sub Category and Difficulty Tag and are created for mobile or web usage.


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