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Film Trivia Questions

Looking for Film Trivia Questions? The top quiz topics have to be sport, music and film. It’s a question of popularity. The big screen provides more than its fair share of trivia and serious film quiz questions, which is not surprising when you consider that the celluloid genre has been entertaining us since the Lumiere brothers first filmed workers leaving their factory in Lyons in 1895. Early blockbusters (the term came from the name for the 4,000 pound bombs used by the RAF in World War II) included Ben Hur, with its famous chariot race, Gone with The Wind and Quo Vadis, but a good film quiz question would be Which was the first New Hollywood blockbuster? And to the nearest million, how much did it gross? The answer is Stephen Spielberg’s original finny epic, Jaws (1975) which made an eye-watering $100,000,000. It also set the trend for summer release in the States, with directors aiming to launch their big films by July 4.

Some of the most commercially successful movies of all time are, like Jaws, disaster movies, feeding our schadenfreude. Anybody wanting to buy film quiz questions would have to acquire a section on the genre. If you had to answer a question on the most successful examples, you’d probably pick Titanic or Independence Day. In fact, Titanic (1997), directed by James Cameron and starring Leonardo di Caprio and up and coming Kate Winslet, was the bigger commercial hit, taking over 600 million dollars at box office. Titanic trivia questions could include which scene, potentially the most embarrassing, was the first Rose and Jack filmed together? It’s the notorious nude art scene. And which cameo role did the director play? One of the men praying as the ship starts sinking.

The stars themselves form a happy hunting ground for anybody looking for teasers for a film quiz. There’s the cv approach, as in which massive 2001 hit starred Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers, who are heard but never seen? Shrek, naturally. Then there’s the left field, hobbies-of-the-stars approach. Zachary Quinto, for example, who has played Mr Spock since the 2009 movie that relaunched Star Trek, is musical and plays an instrument. Guitar? No, the banjo. And which star who has just been defying Gravity with Sandra Bullock had an aunt Rosemary who was a popular US singer. George Clooney. Another decent film quiz question about gorgeous George would be: in which European country does he have a lakeside holiday villa? Italy. But there was one star, who played magnificent heroines from Camille to Anna Karenina, who would never have wanted to feature in a film quiz, no matter how intriguing, as her most famous quote was “I want to be alone”. She was of course Greta Garbo.

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