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Music Trivia Questions

Perfect music trivia questions are a kind of quizmaster’s holy grail as nearly everybody considers themselves a pop expert. But the best music questions you can buy balance basic knowledge with a bit of a surprise. Most people know which US bestselling blue collar singer is known as the Boss – Bruce Springsteen – but how many are aware it was coined by his employees in the early days? Springsteen told a radio station recently that “it wasn’t meant like Boss with a capital B, it was more like ‘Boss, where’s my dough?'”

Anybody looking to buy music questions needs to cover all the genres. Certain eras are a good hunting ground for music teasers. Take the 1960s – which female folk singer had a fling with Bob Dylan, speaks Spanish as her second language and these days records material by the likes of Ryan Adams? The magnificent Joan Baez. But any mass appeal music quiz needs to cover other areas like grunge, including questions on figures like the much missed, greatly troubled singer Kurt Cobain. How did he die? Cobain shot himself on April 5 1994. And what surprising image featured on the cover of his band Nirvana’s blockbuster album Teen Spirit? A baby swimming underwater. In terms of sales, there is one singer who really ruled the world in the 1980s.

So which was Michael Jackson’s bestselling album? Thriller (1982) which is reckoned to have sold between 51 and 65 million copies worldwide. Most people probably know this piece of music trivia, that Jackson’s pet chimp was called Bubbles, but which country did the animal accompany him to on the Bad World Tour in 1988? Japan, and Michael and the chimp took tea with the mayor of Osaka. Of course, when buying the best music questions, you need the occasional left field query. And there’s even music trivia about the Beatles, one of the world’s best known bands, that may surprise you. So what is McCartney’s first name? No, not Paul, it’s James, like his son by Linda McCartney. And what instrument does James play? Yes, the guitar which he first picked up when he was nine and dad bought him a Fender Stratocaster. That’s a nice piece of music trivia, as is the reason Debbie Harry’s punk band Blondie got its name. You could probably guess if you didn’t know, but the name came about as the truck drivers they passed always called out ‘Hey, Blondie.’ to Harry. But if you want to buy meaty music questions, you should head for something like heavy metal. Another band name query, how did Guns’n’Roses get its moniker? Axl Rose says the gun is “the fight”, the rose “the win” which is almost philosophical.

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