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Quiz Database Download: Licensing Trivia Content

In order to create a trivia product that will become a hit product you need to ensure you have a high quality quiz database download in order to populate your product. The key to building a successful quiz app or trivia website is matching the content to the audience you are looking for. This sounds simple, but often developers and publishers goal is create a product as broad as possible so there is a balance between core audience and overall reach of your final product.

What to Look for in Quiz Database Download

By following these simple steps below, you should be able to refine your criteria to ensure you acquire the right quiz content for your product.

1. Define Your Core Audience

Are you looking to target a specific demographic (ie under 21s) or a group with similar interests (eg NBA or Soccer)? If the answer is a demographic then you need to define the categories that the group will want to engage with. There is no point marketing to millennials and then having question content about 1960s music. This sounds obvious, but many quiz database downloads have a lot of older content that will simply not engage with your audience. Make sure any quiz content you license has a category and sub-category tag so you can select the content that is right for your audience.

2. Up-to-date Content

There are many options in licensing quiz databases but the cheaper or free options are often very out of date. It might save you money on initial MVP costs to chose a cheap content option but a trivia product is about the content, the tech is simply a delivery mechanism.

3. Character Count

Audiences have very short attention spans, so ensure the content is written for digital projects. Trivia content that works for board games or pub quizzes will not work for your trivia app. Work with you app development to define the ideal character count for questions and answers.

4. Quiz Database Question Type

Depending on your audience and product you need to choose between multiple choice trivia, question and answer or put them in order. Which one of these will best engage your audience? Once you decide, make sure your quiz database download has the correct question format for your project.

How The Question Co can help

We are the largest Quiz Database Download company in the world, with over 500,000 questions. We work with leading publishers such as Gameloft, ByteDance and Microsoft but also with 100s of start ups. Our database contains category and sub-category tags and also have difficulty ratings.

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