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Trivia Questions By Category

Trivia Question by Category

Trivia Question By Category

When publishing a trivia product you have two choices, you either aim for the broad quizzing market or you hone in on certain markets. The latter option enables you to create a product that can be easily marketed to a group that share the same interest. In order to ensure that you can do this you need trivia questions by category as opposed to simply a large database of trivia content.

Consumers today want the content they are interested in and the most successful trivia products ensure that the game concept and content are highly targeted.

How Do I Know Which Category To Target?

Before you decide to create a trivia website or app you need to decide your target audience. The type of audience will be key to deciding which trivia categories you need to ensure your audience remains engaged.

The Question Co has over 600 categories in the database and will likely be able to service your content needs. The database includes content for the younger audience (under 18) including movies, music and social media. In addition we have content for millennial audience and also the older gaming market.

How Is The Content Delivered?

The Question Co trivia database contains the following tags. Category, Sub Category and difficulty tag. This means that you can be certain the content you order is fit for purpose.

We deliver content in XLS, CSV, jSON or XML. The majority of our clients are digital publishers and increasingly the product team wants plug and play content for their product. The Question Co is a perfect partner for publishers looking for trivia questions by category.

What are the trending quiz categories in your quiz database?

The majority of clients in 2022 are targeting the broadest digital consumers which are 18-35 year olds. This is a large demographic group with differing interests. However, the categories remain the same – entertainment, celebrity, sport, lifestyle and food.

The Question Company has updated the entire database to ensure that it is a perfect fit for trivia products in 2022. All content is fully verified and ready to be included in your product today.

We have created a 2022 Trivia Trends Report to help trivia publishers understand which trivia questions by category will drive the most engagement for their audience. Download now to find out more.

2022 Trivia Trends Report

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