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Trivia Royale Questions and Answers

Trivia Royale Question Database

Trivia Royale Questions and Answers

Trivia Royale is the exciting new quiz game from the makers of Quiz Up. Quiz Up dominated the app stores back in 2012 and The Question Co supplied the trivia content. Trivia Royale is the new format and gained over 2.5 million downloads in its first week of release. How did it do that? Through engaging gameplay and awesome trivia.

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The format is simple. Trivia Royale questions and answers are all multiple choice. You are pitched against 1,000 other players and must become the ultimate winner. Think ‘Fortnite’ but instead of the killing and silly dances its trivia questions.

You start by creating your own avatar. You then have to face off against opponents in batches of a 5 questions. Trivia Royale questions and answers get harder as the game goes on. 500 people who win the first round go on to the next and 500 people drop out. It keeps halving until the final 1 to 1 game and someone is crowned the Royale!

Billed as the world’s biggest trivia contest, Trivia Royale is one to watch. Quiz games have been getting bigger and better over the past few years and we’re excited to be a part of it. Interestingly the makers of Trivia Royale have opted not to offer cash prizes. Instead Teatime Games have recognised that people just want to be crowned the king (or queen) of trivia. Social quizzing is a huge market and we’re sure Trivia Royale will be here to stay. If your projects needs content in the style of Trivia Royale get in touch with us.

Multiple choice quiz content, just like Trivia Royale questions and answers, are what we license the most of here at The Question Co. If you have a project involving trivia we are here to help and can advise on the best trivia for your game.

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